Santa Catarina - der coolste Strand in Brasilien

Beautiful Santa Catarina has a slightly different feel from much of the rest of Brazil. There’s more of a European flavor to it. Perhaps this is due to the great influx of immigrants from Portugal, Germany and Italy that arrived here from the Old Continent during the 18th & 19th centuries.
Instead of swarthy sensual Rio, here tall blue eyed blonds, male and female, are not uncommon and you can see why many Europeans chose it as their homeland.
Santa Catarina is a beautiful place to be. And if you’re a traveler, it offers something for everyone throughout the whole year. From stunning seaside accommodations, beach resorts, whale watching to cultural festivals and trekking.
Florianopolis, the State capital, is also a pleasant city to visit in its own right, especially if you are a beach lover. There are over 42 to choose from.

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